Lending Library

Figuring out which carrier is best for you can require a lot of trial and error, and it can also change over time.  As one of our services to the community, Babywearing International of Greater Austin has a substantial library of carriers available to rent.  Popular brands include Ergo, Kinderpack, Boba, Catbird Baby, Girasol, Wrapsody, Pavo, Lillebaby, Beco, Tula, Sleeping Baby Productions, Sakura Bloom, Kozy, Moby Wrap and many more.

Lending Library Basics:
We encourage those that come to our meetings to become members of Babywearing International.  The cost is $30/$45 annually. A portion of this stays with us, your local chapter, and allows us to cover all the costs of running the group and funding new carriers for our lending library.  The rest goes to our parent organization, Babywearing International, to fund research, give carriers to the local chapters, and cover insurance for each chapter’s Volunteer Babywearing Educators.

BWI members may rent one or two carriers per meeting depending on their membership type. Carriers from a previous meeting must be returned before a new carrier may be rented. There is currently a $10 fee per rental for Month to Month rentals (non-members).  The rental period is approximately 30 days with the carrier being due at the next meeting from which you rented.  Your carrier must be returned within the first 30 minutes of the meeting to be considered “on time.” Carriers returned at a meeting but after the first 30 minutes on the specified due date will be charged a $5 late fee. Carriers returned after the specified due date will be charged $10 + $1 per day late fee. We only have a limited availability of all our carriers, and we frequently have people make a special trip to try a specific carrier at a meeting, so please understand the importance of returning rentals on time! We do require a government issued photo ID for all rentals.

You may view a complete list of our lending library policies here.
You may view pictures of our lending library carriers here.
You may view detailed laundering instructions for our lending library carriers here.

The following list is currently being updated. If you are looking for something specific and don’t see it listed or would like to know if a specific carrier will be available for rental, email us at RentalHelp@bwiAustin.org and we will gladly answer your questions. Thank you for your patience!

Meh Dai

#ID Brand Size
506 Babyhawk N/A
G03B0509 Catbird Baby Meh Dai 15×16″  72″ straps
G03A0511 Babylonia BB Tai Pineapple 14×13″  60″ straps
514 BaBy SaBye Wrap Conversion Meh Dai Toddler
521 Baby SaBye Wrap Conversion Meh Dai Standard
G03A0518 Lenny Lamb Sand Valley 100% cotton Mini 14×17″  80″ straps
G03B0519 Lenny Lamb Blue Dahlia w/ Chestnut 100% cotton Toddler 15×19″  81″straps
G03A0526 BabyHawk Oh Mei half buckle 15×13.5″  74″ straps
G03B0532 Lenny Lamb Twilight 60% cotton/40% bamboo 14×17″  78″ straps
G03A0538 Catbird Baby Georgia 16×16
A0525 KoKaDi TaiTai 17×14 with 76
G03A0536 Fidella Fly Tai Standard
G03A0534 Infantino Sash Damask 14 x 15
G03A0528 Chimparoo N/A
G03A0533 Infantino Wrap and Tie Black Blueberries 14.5×16 with 72
601 Two Mommas Designs Onbuhimo N/A
G03B0537 Fidella FlyTai Rock n Roller Standard
G03B0517 Baby SaBye Wrap Meh dai Standard 14×16
G03C0524 Anaria Creations WCMT 17.5W x 15H  85
G03B0530 Infantino Sash WITH HOOD 13.5×16 with 73
G03B0540 Catbird Baby Annika 16×16
G03A0539 Catbird Baby Astoria 16×16
G03B0523 Babylonia BBTai Campanula 15×18″  60″ straps
G03A0542 Soul 15×16


#ID Brand Size
G03A0455 Boba 4G, Kangaroo 13×15.5″
A1426 Tula Rockets 14
G03A1422 Lenny Lamb, Ocean Depth Toddler, 18×18.5
A1433 Beco Cool 17×19.5 (Toddler)
B1448 Beco Gemini 12″x13.5″
G03C0486 Twingaroo 11×14 (backpack)/11 x 14.5 (attachment)
B1444 Beco Gemini Cool 13×14.25
G03C1413 Connecta Standard Solarweave 13×17
G03B1416 Bitybean 12×14.5
G03B1411 Pognae Coco 12×15
G03A1408 Beco Toddler New Horizons 17.5×19
G03A0491 Lillebaby Complete Airflow 14×14
G03A0437 Tula, Birch Trees Toddler, 17×17.5″
404 Boba Air N/A
G03C0414 Kinderpack Daisy Zebra Toddler 14.5×19″
G03A0420 Tula, Brown with Floral Pattern Standard, 13×14″
G03A0433 Tula Standard, Circle de Soleil N/A
G03B0444 Beco Gemini, Levi 13×14
B1438 Chimparoo Multi 2.0 15.5×23
B1441 Lillebaby Carryon 18×18 toddler
G03B0495 Action Baby Carrier Chene toddler: 20.5×16.5
G03B0469 Kinderpack with Koolknit Standard/Plus
A1430 Kanga X2 13.5″x15″
A1434 Beco Gemini Cool 13×14.25
G03B1405 Lillebaby Complete Stone 15×14.5
G03A0470 Kinderpack Green Paisley w/ Koolknit Std/Std 13×17.5
G03A0460 Lillebaby Complete All Seasons 14×14
A1436 Beco Gemini 12″x13.5″
G03B0490 Onya Baby Outback 10.5×18.5
B1447 Beco Gemini 12″x13.5″
G03C0453 Kinderpack Rosey Dots w/ Black Koolnit Preschool
G03A1424 Lenny Lamb, Soleil Diamond Baby Size, 14×14.5″
G03A1404 ErgoBaby Karin Frost 14.5×14.5
G03A0481 Catbird Baby Pikkolo Zephyr 14.5×16
G03B1419 Tula, Pink Acacia Raccoons in Sky Std 13×16
G03B1425 Lenny Lamb Baby Size, Mint Lace Reverse 14×15″
B1445 Beco Gemini Cool 13×14.25
G03B0459 Scootababy (hip carrier) 11×17
G03B1402 Beco Gemini Arrows 13×14
G03B0451 Tula Prepster Toddler 17.5×18″
G03A1414 Bitybean 12×14.5
G03B0454 AngelPack LX2 12×17
G03A1407 Beco Toddler New Horizons 17.5×19
G03A1420 Catbird Baby Pikkolo, Georgia 14.5×16″
G03B1421 Catbird Baby Pikkolo, Annika Gray 14.5×16
G03B0446 Beco Soleil, Charlie 12.5×16″
G03A0443 Beco Gemini 13×14
A1449 Beco Gemini Cool 13×14.25
G03A0458 Beco Soleil, Micah Expresso Standard
B1439 Ergo 360 10.5″x15″
G03A0497 ErgoBaby 360 11×13
G03B0492 Lillebaby Complete All Seasons 14×14
B1446 Beco Gemini 12″x13.5″
G03A0445 Beco Gemini,Ellie 13×14″
G03C1412 Lillebaby Carry On 16.5×18
G03B0478 Catbird Baby Pikkolo Zephyr 15×17″
G03A0456 Onya Baby Cruiser 11.5×17″
G03A0468 Lillebaby Complete Original/Charcoal Finch 14×13
G03A0462 Kanga X2 Standard
G03A0435 ErgoBaby Original, Black/Camel 14×15″
G03B1410 Beco Toddler New Horizons 17.5×19
G03A0482 Bjorn One 13×18″
G03B0465 Ergo Original 14×14
G03B1415 Bitybean 12×14.5
A1435 Beco Gemini 12×13.5
G03A1418 Lenny Lamb, Movie Star Baby Size, 14×15″
G03B0494 Action Baby Carrier Chevron Standard: 13.5 x 14.5
G03B0476 Pognae 3-in-1 Hipseat carrier 9wx12h
G03C0464 Emeibaby 13×14″
G03B0419 ErgoBaby Performance True Blue 13.5×15.5″
B1440 Beco Gemini 12×13.5
G03B0440 Catbird Baby Pikkolo Georgia 13×16″
G03B0427 Onya Baby Cruiser Leaf Green/Umber 11.5×17″
G03C0466 Connecta Toddler, Vines 16×20
G03A1470 Tula Free to Grow 15×17
G03A1474 Tula Free to Grow 15×17
G03A1464 Onya Nextstep 16×18
G03A1466 Beco Soliel 16×17
G03A1472 Boba 4g 13×15
G03A1465  Mountain Buggy Juno 13×15
G03A1475 Beco 8 Cool 14×18.5
G03A1461 Infantino Union 5.5×20
G03A1467 Ergo Adapt 14.5×18.5
G03A1473 kinderpack std 13×17.5
G03A1468 Fidella Fusion 17×17
G03A1471  Mountain Buggy Juno 13×15
G03A1469  Mountain Buggy Juno 13×15



#ID Brand Size
G03A0304 Natibaby Pois Garnet 50% cotton/50% linen 6/4.7m
G03A0310 Wrapsody Bali Breeze, Alice B/5/4.5m
G03B0321 JumpSac Baby November Rainbow 100% cotton 8/5.9m
G03A0328 Natibaby Phillon Amethyst 30% hemp/70% cotton 7/5.4m
G03A0329 Natibaby Morris, Jade 100% Cotton 4/3.9M
G03A0316 Natibaby Manhattan 100% Cotton 7/5.2m
G03B0320 Chimparoo Juliet 100% Cotton 5/4.5m
G03B0331 Pavo Jaipur 100% Cotton 3/3.2m
G03B0334 Lenny Lamb Jacquard Weave Cherry Lace 100% cotton 7/5.2m
G03C0383 Wood N Woven Handwoven 100% cotton 6/4.8m
G03A1307 Little Frog Jasper100% cotton 7/5.2m
G03B0344 Little Frog Linen Agate Choco 7.5.3m
G03B0355 Linuschka Poppies 100% linen 3/3.1m
G03B1305 Wrapsody Hybrid Kailani 100% cotton 8/5.7m
G03B0350 Ovolo Fletching Brick 5/4.4m
G03A0341 Amazonas handwoven 5/4.2
G03A0369 Fidella Rock N Rolla Blue 4/3.7m
GO3C0373 Diva Essenza Viola 6/4.7m
G03B0368 Fidella Outer Space Scarlet 4/3.7m
G03A0354 Mahogany Tree of Life 3/3.1M
G03B0387 Ethos Dusky Argyle 100% cotton 6/4.6m
G03C1304 Risaroo Wovens Kerrington Cassis 50% mercerized cotton/50% cotton 6/4.7m
A1316 Oscha 6/4.8 M/189
G03C0399 Tula Mockingbird Plum 5/4.3M
G03A0374 Hoppediz Delhi 6/4.7m
G03C0370 Firespiral Moonlit Twilight Birch Trees 100% cotton 5/4.4m
G03A1306 Wrapsody Hybrid Kailani 8/5.7m
G03A1310 Oscha Harvest Braid 6/4.9m
G03B1313 ACK Wrap (stretchy), Organic 8/5.5m
G03B0361 Natibaby Shiny Sky 70% cotton/30% linen 7/5.2m
G03B1314 ACK Wrap (stretchy) 6/5.1m
G03C0603-1 Nuroo Shirt M
G03A0379 Babylonia Tricot-Slen 100% cotton jersey knit 7/5.3m
G03A0313 Je Porte Mon Bebe, Anthracite/Olive 8/5.8M
G03A0333 Vatanai Solsbury, 100% Cotton 5/4.3
G03B0342 Girasol Tenango 100% cotton 4/4.0m
G03A1312 Ackwrap 6/5.1m
G03B0340 Turkish Towel 100% cotton 5/4.3m
G03C0358 Wood n Woven Handwoven 100% cotton 3/3.4m
G03A0332 Girasol Dark Rainbow, Diamond Weave, 100% Cotton 5/4.2m
G03A0394 Beachfront Baby water wrap 6/4.8m
G03A1311 ACK Wrap (stretchy), Organic 8/5.5m
B1319 Vantanai Maruyama 4/ 3.95 M/ 155.5″
G03B0309 Storchenwiege Leo Natural, 100% Cotton 4 (3.7m)
G03B0336 Lenny Lamb Diamond Weave 40% bamboo/60% cotton 7/5.3m
G03B0238 Maya Wrap 100% cotton S/71
G03A0212 Sleeping Baby Productions 100% cotton M/76″
G03B0252 Natibaby Milori, 100% cotton M/79
G03B0234 Rockin Baby Hero 100% cotton M/79
G03B0203 Sakura Bloom 100% linen 2/73″
G03A1323 Natibaby 6/4.7m
G03A1320 Maya Wrap 2/2.6m
G03A1324 Tekhni 6/4.8m
G03A1331 Risaroo 6
G03A1328 Tula 6/4.6m
G03A1336 Tiny Tiger Baby 8/5.9m
G03A1329 Ethos 7/5.2m
G03A1326 Oscha 5/4.6m
G03A1337 XoXo 6
G03A1332 Baby Sabye 5/4.3m
G03A1325 Girasol 5/4.5m
G03A1322 Pellicano 3/3.4m
G03A1327 Girasol 4/3.8m
G03A1321 Easycare 5/4.2m
G03A1334 Soul 3/3.5m
G03A1333 Wrapsody 6


Water Carriers

#ID Brand Size
B0322 Beachfront Baby Water Wrap, Rust One Size
G03B0231 Sleeping Baby Productions Water Sling XL/88.5″
G03B0229 Sleeping Baby Productions Water Sling M/79″
G03A0202 Beachfront Baby Water Sling 100% polyester jersey L/81″
G03A0260 Cute Awaking Mesh Water RS S/72
G03B0244 Shiny Star Designs Water Sling M/78″
G03B0205 Zolowear Solarveil Water Sling S/73



Ring Slings

#ID Brand Size
G03A0214 Sleeping Baby Productions Ellaroo Elsa 100% cotton Medium
G03A0250 Sleeping Baby Productions Tekhni Aplos Primrose 100% cotton S/71
G03A0232 Sleeping Baby Productions Linuschka Poppies Basalto 100% linen XL/88.5
G03A0237 Zaneytoes 100% cotton S/72
G03B0254 Chimparoo Bio S/72
G03B0253 Maya Wrap M/78
G03A0239 Maya Wrap 100% cotton S/71
G03A0251 Natibaby Milori, 100% cotton M/79
G03A0257 Zaneytoes linen/tencel M/75″
G03B0246 Lil Peeper Keepers 100% cotton M/76
G03B0258 SBP Lenny Lamb Luna Rainbow S/74
G03C0249 Wood N Woven Handwoven L/80
G03A0226 Sleeping Baby Productions Plume 100% organic cotton M/75
G03A0218 Sleeping Baby Productions Solarveil L/80″
G03A0263 Maya Wrap XL/85″
G03A0259 Zolowear Solarweave 100% polyester M/78
G03A0227 Girasol Dark Rainbow Diamond Weave 100% cotton L/80
G03B0233 Sleeping Baby Productions Mahogany Tree of Life 100% cotton XL/89″
G03B0356 Amazonas Laguna 100% cotton 7/5.5m
G03B0386 Little Frog Stony Opal 60% cotton/40% linen 7/5.2m
G03A0269 Tula l-xl 87″
G03A0267 Kembara s-73″
G03A0266 Bibetts m-77″
G03A0270 Bibetts m-77″”
G03A0268 Smitten xl-87″


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