Lending Library Meh Dais

Round Rock/Parker Lane Lending Library

Babyhawk, Gray w/ Flowers
babywearing library pics 136 (600x800) babywearing library pics 139 (600x800)

BaBy SaBye Wrap Conversion Mei Tai, Standard Sized, Blue & Green
lending library pics 018 (600x800) lending library pics 022 (600x800)

BaBy SaBye Wrap Conversion Mei Tai, Toddler Sized, Blue/Green Colorblocking
IMG_6662 (800x533) IMG_6661 (800x533)

BB Tai, “Pineapple” Black Straps, Thin Multicolor Stripes
IMG_7628_13019108694_l (534x800) IMG_7630_13018714055_l (534x800)

Catbird Baby Mei Tai, Black w/ Purple and Gray Panel
IMG_6522 (533x800) IMG_6518 (533x800)

Catbird Baby Mei Tai, Orange and Brown
IMG_6705 (800x533)

DidyTai, “Iris” Green and Blue Large Stripes
*Picture coming soon

DidyTai, Robert (Blue and Gray)
summer 2014 LP phone 630 summer 2014 LP phone 625

Ellaroo Mei Tai, Blue Panel, Ivory Straps
IMG_6695 (800x533) IMG_6696 (800x533)

FreeHand Mei Tai, Black and Gray Twigs w/ Black Straps
*Picture coming soon

FreeHand Mei Tai, Coral Flowers with Tan Straps
babywearing library pics 121 (600x800) babywearing library pics 122 (600x800)

Infantino Mei Tai, Black Straps/Turquoise & Gray
IMG_6713 (1) (800x533) IMG_6711 (800x533)

Infantino Sync, half buckle, Black with Red Panel
IMG_6795 (800x533) IMG_6802 (800x533)

Lenny Lamb Wrap Conversion Mei Tai, Standard Sized, Sand Valley
lending library pics 027 (600x800) lending library pics 024 (600x800)

Maya Tai, Burnt Orange
IMG_6792 (800x533) IMG_6794 (800x533)

Meh Dai Baby, Brown Floral
babywearing library pics 127 (600x800) babywearing library pics 126 (600x800)

TaylorMade Meh Dai, Grey Body & Black Straps
babywearing library pics 130 (600x800) babywearing library pics 132 (600x800)

Two Mommas Designs Onbuhimo, Gray w/ Pastel Blue Trees


New Braunfels Lending Library

BaBy SaBye Wrap Conversion Meh Dai, Standard Sized, Blue & Green
lending library pics 018 (600x800) lending library pics 022 (600x800)

Catbird Baby Meh Dai, Paisley w/ Red Straps
lending library pics 126 (600x800) lending library pics 127 (600x800)

Kozy Carrier, Cream Floral
IMG_6700 (800x533) IMG_6698 (800x533)

Lenny Lamb Wrap Conversion Meh Dai, Toddler sized, Blue with Chestnut Panel
babywearing library pics 020 (600x800) babywearing library pics 016 (600x800)

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